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New Water Cleaning Technologies For Your Facility

Providing clean water is one of the most basic responsibilities of any facility owner or operator, and it’s especially true in the case of healthcare facilities, hotels, or any other property where large groups of people gather.

New water technologies are constantly emerging, and it behooves you to pay attention to them in case one of them may be a good fit for your properties. Keeping up with the latest water treatment technology is essential if you want to continue ensuring the safety of your building’s infrastructure. It is crucial for preventing waterborne diseases and maintaining the community’s trust. Here are a few examples of advanced water treatment technologies you may want to consider.

Membrane filtration

This water filtration technology utilizes a membrane through which water passes. Tiny pores in the membrane effectively sift certain materials and contaminants out of the water, separating it into two streams. There are two basic categories: low-pressure membranes, such as microfiltration, and high-pressure membranes, including reverse osmosis and nanofiltration. The former removes particulates effectively, while the latter is best for dissolved matter and microorganisms.

UV disinfection

Ultraviolet water disinfection uses UV light to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Light in a specific wavelength damages the DNA of these organisms and prevents them from reproducing. This technique has been used in one form or another for decades. Although it is not one of the most recent drinking water treatment technologies, it still can serve an essential function as part of your facility’s strategy. Many property owners utilize it and other techniques to kill pathogens such as cryptosporidium, mycobacteria, and giardia.

Copper-silver ionization

This advanced water-cleaning technology has proven to be the most effective for killing Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. Copper-silver ionization is much safer than other methods because it does not use chemicals that could harm people. It works by injecting ions into the plumbing infrastructure, which travel throughout the system and attach themselves to microorganisms that may be living inside it. The electrostatic bonds they create on the cell walls interfere with the organisms’ ability to take in nutrients, effectively starving them to death.

Among the many benefits of this method is that it carries no risk of corrosion to pipes. The copper-silver ions it creates cause no harm to plumbing infrastructure and are safe for human consumption. Because no caustic chemicals are used in the process, it is also environmentally safe. For these reasons and more, many facility owners consider copper-silver ionization to be the best solution to fighting waterborne pathogens.

LiquiTech can help

As a leader in water treatment, LiquiTech is your best choice when you want to take advantage of what these new water technologies offer. We work closely with you, helping you develop a comprehensive plan for protecting the water systems inside your facility.

With our expertise and multiple solutions working for you, you can rest assured knowing your building’s potable water supply will be protected against pathogens and other contaminants that can lead to waterborne illnesses and damage to your infrastructure. If you want to learn more about our water treatment technologies and everything we can do for you, contact one of our representatives today.

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