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LiquiTech® Copper-Silver Ionization

The LiquiTech® Copper-Silver Ionization System is an innovative and sustainable disinfection solution for potable water systems. It’s designed to quickly destroy Legionella and other waterborne pathogens and achieve long-term prevention without creating harmful byproducts or damaging plumbing equipment.

Why copper-silver ionization?

  • Highly effective regardless of water temperature or complexity of plumbing system
  • Outperforms chemical and oxidative alternatives in controlling waterborne pathogens
  • Provides complete system disinfection within 48 hours
  • Does not dissipate rapidly in hot water for lasting protection


  • Effective: Copper-silver ionization technology is proven effective in a wide range of water conditions, temperatures, and plumbing systems, consistently outperforming chemical or oxidative alternatives to control waterborne pathogens.
  • Fast results: Our Copper-Silver Ionization System can achieve complete system disinfection in as little as 48 hours.
  • Lasting protection: Copper and silver ions do not dissipate quickly in hot water like chlorine-based alternatives. The ions easily penetrate biofilms, destroying pathogens inside to prevent future recontamination.
  • Safe and sustainable: Copper and silver ions do not create harmful byproducts or carcinogens and are not corrosive to plumbing.
  • Self-controlled: Our system modulates output based on current conditions, so ion concentrations are always aligned with water usage.
  • Remotely monitored: A remote monitoring system tracks and logs system data 24/7, providing real-time diagnostics, alarm notifications and resolutions, and documentation required to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • Backed by science: Hundreds of independent research studies have identified copper-silver ionization as the most effective disinfectant against Legionella, with additional studies showing its effectiveness against other harmful waterborne pathogens, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter, Burkholderia, Stenotrophomonas, and Nontuberculous mycobacteria.
  • Certified: The LiquiTech® Copper-Silver Ionization System is EPA-registered for Legionella control at the federal level and in all 50 states, is NSF Standard 61 certified, and approved by the ETL/UL and CE.

Case study

Copper-silver ionization helps hospital reach non-detect after 14-year struggle with chlorine dioxide

A hospital experienced Legionella positivity despite continous use of chlorine dioxide. Two months after installing copper-silver ionization, their Legionella positivity dropped from 100% to 11%. The next round of testing showed 0%.

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Copper-Silver Ionization System

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