Our Approach

Our highly engineered approach brings together the right combination of products, services, and expertise to solve the most challenging water quality issues and help you get the most out of your water-bearing equipment. We don’t take a one size fits all approach – we spend time upfront to understand your organization’s objectives and your facility’s unique plumbing infrastructure so that we can develop and deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

01. Discover

We begin by working with you to understand your needs and challenges, then complete an in-depth assessment of your facility’s plumbing infrastructure. Our goal is to uncover the underlying cause(s) of water quality issues, pathogen positivity, early equipment failures, or system inefficiencies so they can be resolved at the source. This helps you achieve long-term results and prevent issues from reoccurring.

02. Develop

We work with you to assess the impact of the issues uncovered, our recommendations for addressing them, and your priority for resolving them. Armed with these insights, we develop a customized water treatment solution to fit your needs. Our solutions are unique to you and only include the products or services that will help you achieve your goals and comply with regulations.

03. Deploy

Working with your preferred plumber or one of our certified plumbing partners, our team carefully manages every aspect of installation to ensure the process is seamless and does not impact business operations. Immediately following installation, water quality and system operation are closely monitored and adjusted as needed to ensure your goals are achieved.

04. Sustain

After your system is up and running, our team remotely monitors system data to identify and alert you of issues proactively. Our service program partnership offers a range of maintenance, monitoring, testing, and other support services to help you maintain water quality, maximize system performance, extend equipment life, and avoid downtime and unplanned expenses.

Benefits for you

  • Protect building occupants: Our disinfection solutions are designed to quickly combat Legionella and other waterborne pathogens and achieve long-term prevention without creating byproducts and carcinogens unsafe for human consumption or handling.
  • Extend equipment life: Our non-oxidant technologies do not corrode plumbing equipment and are designed to remove sediment and other particulates from your water that can harm water-using equipment and pipes.
  • Reduce environmental impact: Our products are non-oxidant, water-efficient, and built with reusable and durable components, helping you protect the environment and your building occupants without sacrificing quality.
  • Minimize risks: An effective water management program ensures your building’s water is safe for occupants, you’re protected from legal action if an outbreak occurs, and you comply with The Joint Commission, ASHRAE, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and other regulatory agencies.
  • Modernize with smart technologies: Our products can be remotely monitored and controlled, can easily integrate with your existing building management system, and are designed to track and log all system data, giving you powerful insights into your plumbing system and easy access to the documentation required to maintain regulatory compliance.

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