Your education institution’s water treatment and water management efforts play an important role in the well-being of the people and the buildings on your campus. In this era of heightened concerns around sustainability and the health and safety of things we consume, LiquiTech is your trusted partner and resource in making holistic, lasting improvements to your water treatment and management efforts.

LiquiTech helps education institutions:

  • Improve water quality and safety without chemicals
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Increase plumbing equipment efficiency and life
  • Reduce maintenance time and money
  • Achieve legal defensibility if a waterborne outbreak occurs

Protect your equipment and infrastructure

Implementing a water management and treatment program for your facility goes far beyond its impact on the health and safety of students and faculty. A well-executed program ensures your equipment remains functional longer, runs more efficiently, and incurs lower maintenance costs. All as you ensure safety and health are not compromised.

Sediment in water can cause serious problems for pumps, valves, humidifiers, and water tanks if not adequately addressed. Water treatment solutions from LiquiTech help protect these vital components from corrosion and sediment buildup.

Case study

Sediment filtration helps university reduce Legionella risk on the cold water system

Fluctuating building occupancy and low water usage caused Legionella positivity in the cold water system in 2015. Installation of a LiquiTech® Sediment Filtration System on the cold water system achieved non-detect Legionella levels.

Read the case study.

Sustainable solutions

Our solutions provide educational institutions with a sustainable approach to water treatment and water management without sacrificing effectiveness. LiquiTech’s smart technologies offer customers an opportunity to improve water quality and extend the life of water-bearing equipment while protecting the environment for future generations. Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly in schools of all sizes, from K-12 to large universities.

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