Service Program

After installation of a LiquiTech system, we continue our commitment to your organization with a range of monitoring, testing, maintenance, and other support services. Our service program is a partnership designed to help you maximize system performance, extend equipment life, mitigate waterborne pathogen risk, maintain regulatory compliance, and avoid unplanned water shutoffs and expenses.

Key highlights:

  • Customized service plans to fit your needs
  • Save maintenance time and extend equipment life
  • Expert support in navigating strict regulatory requirements

Our solution

Our full-service approach supports your water management program from start to finish.

24/7 monitoring

Our remote monitoring system logs and tracks data from your systems 24/7, allowing our engineers to proactively identify issues, monitor system performance, and make real-time adjustments. If major issues occur, you and our engineers are instantly notified so problems can be resolved quickly.


Regularly scheduled water samples are collected and sent to certified labs to test for pathogens and to validate that water treatment technologies are performing at optimal levels. Results are reviewed and interpreted by our experts, then shared with you with our recommended adjustments (if any).

System maintenance

Our maintenance services include system inspections, recalibrations, part replacements, and cleaning to help you maintain water quality and pathogen control, maximize system performance, extend equipment life, and avoid downtime and unplanned expenses.


All system data and test results are documented, giving you what you need to maintain compliance with The Joint Commission, ASHRAE Standard 188, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Veteran Affairs, and other federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

Analysis and predictive services

Our engineers continuously analyze and interpret your system's data to identify irregularities that may indicate equipment malfunctions or amplified bacteria growth so they can be addressed proactively on your schedule and within your budget.

Water management program support

We can support your existing water management program by assisting with program implementation and oversight, actively participating in meetings, providing quarterly program analysis and insights, conducting program audits, and more.

Why LiquiTech

  • Custom-built for you: Our service program is custom-built to address your facility’s unique plumbing infrastructure and water treatment technologies. We provide as much or as little support as you need to achieve your water quality and compliance goals.
  • Expert staff: Our professionals are ASSE 12080-certified water safety and infection prevention/control experts with deep knowledge of water treatment technologies, potable water systems, plumbing infrastructures, waterborne pathogens, and public health. As an extension of your team, we will keep your systems operating at peak performance, resolve issues as they arise, provide expert recommendations to improve performance, and assist with water safety initiatives.
  • Regulatory guidance: With more than 30 years of experience working with regulatory agencies across the United States, we can help your team understand, navigate, and comply with the various water management guidelines and standards set by your state or local government, The Joint Commission, ASHRAE, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and other regulatory agencies.
  • Smart technologies: Our products can be remotely monitored and controlled and easily integrate with your existing building management system. System data is tracked and logged 24/7, giving you powerful insights into your plumbing system and easy access to the documentation required to maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Sustainable solutions: Our products are non-oxidant, water-efficient, and built with reusable and durable components, helping you protect the environment and your building occupants without sacrificing quality.


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