Legionella Remediation

LiquiTech’s remediation services can help you gain control of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens in as little as 48 hours. Our full-service solution is designed to quickly remove Legionella and other pathogens and achieve long-term prevention without interrupting water service, disrupting building operations, or causing unwanted public attention.

Key highlights

  • Legionella controlled in as little as 48 hours
  • No disruptions to building operations or water service
  • Expert guidance and support from start to finish
  • Discreet

Our solution

Although every remediation is different, our typical process and timeline are outlined below. This may vary depending on facility size, water system complexity, and the extent of the Legionella contamination.

Day 1: Immediate control

Immediately after contacting us, we provide you with LiquiTech® Point-of-Use Filters that can easily be installed on faucets, showerheads, and ice machines. This temporary and effective measure ensures water is safe for building occupants while our team mobilizes and develops and implements your custom remediation plan.

Days 2-7: Remediation

After thoroughly analyzing your water systems to identify the root cause(s) of the contamination, a custom remediation plan is developed, and the necessary disinfection technologies are installed. We remain onsite to manage and monitor remediation efforts until Legionella or pathogen levels are non-detect (typically within 48 hours to seven days).

Days 8-30+: Ongoing support

After non-detect Legionella or pathogen levels are achieved, weekly water testing is conducted for 30 days, followed by monthly testing for one year to ensure continued and lasting results. Testing frequency may vary depending on your facility’s needs or your state's requirements.

Why LiquiTech

  • Rapid response: Our team mobilizes quickly, immediately providing you with point-of-use filters so water is safe for building occupants while remediation efforts are underway.
  • Expert staff: Our professionals are ASSE 12080-certified water safety and infection prevention/control experts with deep knowledge of water treatment technologies, potable water systems, plumbing infrastructures, waterborne pathogens, and public health.
  • Regulatory guidance: With more than 30 years of experience working with regulatory agencies across the United States, we can help your team understand, navigate, and comply with the various requirements set by your public health department, The Joint Commission, Veteran Affairs, and other regulatory agencies.
  • Infection prevention and control support: Our in-house infection prevention and control staff can assist your team with case investigations, determining clinical risks, and identifying potential disease transmission sources.


Successful remediation projects


Years of remediation experience

Case study

Copper-silver ionization helps hospital reach non-detect after 14-year struggle with chlorine dioxide

A hospital experienced Legionella positivity despite continous use of chlorine dioxide. Two months after installing copper-silver ionization, their Legionella positivity dropped from 100% to 11%. The next round of testing showed 0%.

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