The ideal time to consider water treatment solutions is during the construction design phase. LiquiTech partners with MEP engineers, architects, owners, and mechanical subcontractors to help design a custom water treatment plan for your new construction project. From the conceptual design phase to system operation, our experienced team offers guidance and support, ensuring seamless integration of our water treatment solutions into your construction projects, resulting in safe and healthy water for your facility from day one and onward.

LiquiTech helps owners of construction projects:

  • Increase plumbing equipment efficiency and life
  • Reduce maintenance time and money
  • Keep tenants healthy and safe
  • Achieve legal defensibility if a waterborne outbreak occurs
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory agencies

Reduce total cost of ownership

By including LiquiTech’s solutions in the original building specifications, building owners reduce costs from maintaining an inefficient plumbing system if water treatment was not installed initially and avoid costly mitigation of issues once the building is operational. Additionally, owners and other partners involved in the construction process gain peace of mind from having safe water and mitigate the risk of building occupant exposure to unhealthy water.

Your business will benefit financially, and your building’s occupants will enjoy clean water.

Case study

30+ years without Legionella detected

Legionella was detected soon after the hospital opened its doors. After several unsuccessful water treatment attempts, LiquiTech developed and implemented a custom water solution that has kept the hospital Legionella-free for 30+ years.

Read the full case study.

Sustainable solutions

Our solutions provide MEP engineers, architects, owners, and mechanical subcontractors with a sustainable approach to water treatment without sacrificing effectiveness. LiquiTech’s smart technologies improve potable water quality, eliminate waterborne pathogens, extend the life of water-bearing equipment, and deliver long-term value to our customers, their businesses, and the planet.

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