Multi-Family Residential

Water treatment and water management programs for multi-family residential buildings ensure drinking water is safe and clean for occupants. Water treatment technologies remove sediment and waterborne pathogens from the water before it reaches the people living in the building. These contaminants can be detrimental to health and cause damage to plumbing equipment.

LiquiTech helps multi-family property owners:

  • Keep tenants healthy and safe
  • Achieve legal defensibility if a waterborne outbreak occurs
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Increase plumbing equipment efficiency and life
  • Reduce maintenance time and money

Save money

Multi-family buildings can save annually on maintenance and operational costs with a quality water treatment solution from LiquiTech. Sediment in water impact system performance, lead to corrosion, and shorten the life of plumbing equipment.

Your business will benefit financially, and your building’s occupants will be protected with cleaner water.

Sustainable solutions

Our solutions provide multi-family property owners with a sustainable approach to water treatment without sacrificing effectiveness. LiquiTech’s smart technologies offer customers an opportunity to improve water quality and extend the life of water-using equipment while protecting the environment for future generations. Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly in multi-family residential buildings like apartments and condos.

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