Whether receiving a life-saving procedure, bringing a new life into the world, or simply being proactive about your health, healthcare providers allow us to experience life to its fullest. Your healthcare facilities are critical to creating healthy, resilient, and sustainable communities. LiquiTech wants to help you do that better by simplifying the complexities of water management and water treatment so you can ensure your water is safe for patients and staff.

LiquiTech helps healthcare facilities:

  • Improve the safety of water
  • Reduce healthcare-associated infections from water
  • Achieve legal defensibility if a waterborne outbreak occurs
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Increase plumbing equipment efficiency and life


Healthcare-associated infections caused by water

Source: Healthcare infection risks from water, 2019


Healthcare-associated infections each year

Source: CDC 2021 Progress Report

$28 billion

Healthcare-associated infection cost to hospitals each year

Source: CDC 2021 Progress Report

Adhere to regulations

All healthcare facilities must adhere to The Joint Commission standard EC.02.05.02, which states you are responsible for the regular maintenance, testing, and documentation of your water systems and management protocols. An effective water management program can help your facility comply with The Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies, like ASHRAE, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and Veteran Affairs.

LiquiTech partners with healthcare facilities to develop and implement all aspects of a customized water management program, including program development, implementation support, and documentation. With more than 30 years of experience working with regulatory agencies across the United States, we can help your team understand and comply with the various water management guidelines and standards. Learn more about LiquiTech’s water management programs.

Case study

Copper-silver ionization helps hospital reach non-detect after 14-year struggle with chlorine dioxide

A hospital experienced Legionella positivity despite continous use of chlorine dioxide. Two months after installing copper-silver ionization, their Legionella positivity dropped from 100% to 11%. The next round of testing showed 0%.

Sustainable solutions

Our solutions provide healthcare facilities with a chemical-free and sustainable approach to water treatment without sacrificing effectiveness. LiquiTech’s smart technologies offer customers an opportunity to improve water quality and extend the life of water-bearing equipment while protecting the environment for future generations. Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly in healthcare facilities of any size, from hospitals to long-term care facilities.

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