Controlling Legionella in Hospital Drinking Water: An Evidence-Based Review of Disinfection Methods

YUSEN LIN, JANET E. STOUT, VICTOR YUCAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS, INFECTION CONTROL AND HOSPITAL EPIDEMIOLOGY, FEBRUARY 2011 IntroductionThis study reviewed the efficacy of different disinfection methods for controlling Legionella in hospitals, including copper-silver ionization, chlorine dioxide, hyperchlorination, monochloramine, UV, point-of-use filtration, and superheat-and-flush. The four criteria each disinfection method must meet to validate efficacy include: ResultsA summary […]

Control of Legionella Contamination and Risk of Corrosion in Hospital Water Networks Following Various Disinfection Procedures

ISABELLA MARCHESI, GRETA FERRANTI, ANTONELLA MANSI, ANNA M. MARCELLONI, ANNA R. PROIETTO, NAVNEET SAINI, PAOLA BORELLA, ANNALISA BARGELLINIAMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MICROBIOLOGY, APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY,  MAY 2016 IntroductionThis study evaluated four disinfection methods for their efficacy in controlling Legionella and their corrosive effects on water pipes. The four methods included: ResultsLegionella controlOf the four disinfection methods […]