Controlling Legionella in Hospital Drinking Water: An Evidence-Based Review of Disinfection Methods

YUSEN LIN, JANET E. STOUT, VICTOR YUCAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS, INFECTION CONTROL AND HOSPITAL EPIDEMIOLOGY, FEBRUARY 2011 IntroductionThis study reviewed the efficacy of different disinfection methods for controlling Legionella in hospitals, including copper-silver ionization, chlorine dioxide, hyperchlorination, monochloramine, UV, point-of-use filtration, and superheat-and-flush. The four criteria each disinfection method must meet to validate efficacy include: ResultsA summary […]

Use of Copper-Silver Ionization for the Control of Legionella in Alkaline Environments at Healthcare Facilities

DAVID M. DZIEWULSKI, ERIN INGLES, NECULAI CODRU, JOHN STREPELIS, DIANNA SCHOONMAKER-BOPPELSEVIER, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INFECTION CONTROL, JULY 2015 IntroductionThis study examined two healthcare facilities using copper-silver ionization to control Legionella in alkaline water conditions. One facility was an acute care facility with a pH range of 8.7-9.9. The other was a long-term care facility with a pH […]