LiquiTech® Smart Temperature Sensors

LiquiTech® Smart Temperature Sensors detect temperature fluctuations within your water system that indicate equipment failures, system inefficiencies, and amplified bacteria growth. The first and only of its kind, our Smart Temperature Sensors give you an inside look into your building’s plumbing system and extra assurance that your systems are operating smoothly.

  • Avoid emergencies and detect issues before they become a problem
  • Reduce capital expenditures, system downtime, labor costs, and equipment failure
  • Maximize operational efficiency
  • Automate temperature checks required as part of your water management program


  • Easy to install and maintain: Our Smart Temperature Sensors are small, operate on their own wireless network, have a battery life of up to four years, and attach to the exterior of pipes, making installation quick and easy – no plumber, drilling into pipes, or shutdowns.
  • 24/7 monitoring and instant alerts: Our remote monitoring system logs and tracks data from your temperature sensors 24/7, instantly notifying you and our engineers of major issues so they can be addressed quickly.
  • Diagnostics and recommendations: Our engineers continuously analyze and interpret your system data, providing powerful insights into system inefficiencies, equipment malfunctions, and developing issues so you can make proactive decisions.
  • Data collection: All system data is easily accessible through an online portal. You have an inside look into your plumbing system and all the necessary information and documentation to maintain compliance with The Joint Commission, ASHRAE Standard 188, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Veteran Affairs, and other regulatory agencies.
  • System integration: Our Smart Temperature Sensors can integrate with your existing building management system, keeping all of your building’s information in one place.

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