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Safeguarding Hospital Infrastructure: A Colorado Hospital Sediment Filtration Success Story

A newly constructed hospital in Colorado encountered challenges immediately after its opening in 2016. Continuous pinhole leaks in the pipes arose due to sediment buildup issues. 

The high sediment loads in the incoming water supply caused pinhole leaks throughout different sections of pipe. As a result, the hospital had to replace pipes that should last a lifetime only after a few years which incurred an unbudgeted significant capital cost of over $80K. The hospital partnered with LiquiTech and installed a LiquiTech® Sediment Filtration System on the incoming water supply. This system effectively reduced the amount of sediment entering the building, preventing further damage to the plumbing infrastructure and the newly installed pipe. 

As a result, the incoming sediment was reduced by more than 96%. This not only improved the water quality in the hospital but also minimized the risk of bacterial growth, such as Legionella. Additionally, it reduced maintenance time and costs, while extending the lifespan of the pipes and equipment.  


The Facilities Director expressed their satisfaction, stating, “The new Sediment Filtration System is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. It is self-cleaning and has already extended the lifespan of our pipes.” 

By making this investment, the hospital successfully protected its infrastructure, enhanced water quality, and achieved significant cost savings. For more details on this success story, read the full case study here

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